Another Sunday

Sunday in Rexburg.  Things are rather dead around here.  Now Ash and I are at home enjoying the day together.  We're sitting together in what we have dubbed "the studio" AKA "the music room" haha, it's a nice little relaxing room we have here in our new apartment.

We planted some flowers a couple weeks ago, went to Walmart to get some soil, but it was only available in huge bags, so we made a little 'trip' out to the boonies of town, found a place off the side of the road and started digging... Is that stealing???  If anyone misses that six by six by six plot of dirt they are crazy.

Here is our prize:

Then, on our way back we saw this lovely sight:

Isn't that a bad place to store that?  Oh well... I guess people just want to make the apartments they live in look as tacky as possible...

Just another day, and one day closer to something else.

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  1. I'm so glad you guys started this blog! Can't wait to see more fun posts.


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