4th on the 5th of July

The 4th of July was really the 5th of July this year. We went down to Richfield Utah for Jesse's annual 4th of July family reunion. It was moved to Monday since the fourth really landed on a Sunday and well.   .   .it's Utah. The weekend was full of yummy food made by Grandma Madsen and catching up with growing families.   .    .
Little Sariah got eaten up by mosquitos, but was still a happy baby.
Then, to keep tradition dinner is followed with a game of soccer with the neighbors.
One night I convinced Jesse to use a sauna face warming mask with me. He ended up actually liking it!

The trip ended with a flat tire and a flat spare one, but we got home safe. We hope you all had a fun Fourth of July (even if it was on the 5th)! Love, the Bronson's

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