Home Project

Ash and I went to D.I. today and saw this little table... we left for a few hours and then decided that we should go back and get it to repaint.  Luckily it was still there so we got it, here's a picture of what the ugly thing looked like!

We put a tarp down in our house and sanded the thing down a bit and painted it.  We are pretty pleased with how it turned out; here's the after picture!


 The total cost was less than 10 dollars for the table and supplies!  


  1. we love this!!! we've been going to D.I to find furniture to make nice! we went today and they wanted 30 bucks for a small beat up piano bench theyre prices are crazy, they get their stuff for free

  2. We saw that same bench, we thought it was a little table and should be maybe 5 dollars... Ashley picked it up and it opened up and we were like, oh, it's a bench, even more reason for it to be cheaper!


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