We have some exciting news, we bought our first house together! It's in Rexburg of course and we plan on being here for a few more years to finish up school. Then we can rent it out to a good market. We lived in it for two days and then left for California for Thanksgiving. We had a great time and are glad we were able to make the  Denison family reunion that was way over due. Thanks Grandma for remembering the no bake cookies and for saving me some! It was such a surprise!
This is baby Hailey, reminding me of how much our family has grown! Is it just us or did this year's Thanksgiving feel like Christmas? I don't know if it was being with family or just the Christmas tree that was put up in the lobby!
We also got to go do a little shopping for our new place. We have to take the chance when it comes because we know there isn't much up here in Rexburg. My brother took us to a fun place called Z Gallerie.
Missing family already, Happy Holidays!
love, the Bronson's


  1. I can't wait to see some house pictures:) You two found an awesome place!

  2. Hailey sure looks cozy all snuggled with your dad in that picture.


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