Have you ever played 'Angry Birds'?

Time for a little recap... last night at about 10pm we went to Walmart and bought 2 basketballs (1 women's size and 1 regular size)... I wanted one for my birthday.  We then searched town and went to three different churches to see if any were open for basketball... none were, so our skilz will have to wait til next time.

Ash and I went to Idaho Falls today because I still have some birthday money that was burning a hole in my pocket... actually, I think we just wanted to get out of Rexburg for a while...  While we were there we saw these little pig things and it reminded us of the game Angry Birds for iPhone and Droid phones (just imagine these as little green pigs).

We could buy them and set up a course in our house and throw little bird things at them...  Maybe the game on the phone is more fun though (plus it's free!)

We didn't end up buying them ;)

But... we did end up buying "Chinese Checkers" so if anyone wants to come over and play it with us just give us a call or post that you want to... you know you want to play.  This one has pegs instead of marbles which makes it even better.

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