Antique Finds

Ashley and I went out to a couple of antique stores on Monday; we went to one in Rigby and one in Idaho Falls.  We weren't really looking for anything in particular, but wanted to browse around and see what was at each place.

While we were out we took Louie for a walk in the park, it was funny, he actually preferred walking in the snow instead of on the paved pathway... I think he'll make it in Idaho then.

In the store in Idaho Falls we found a couple things we were interested in.  Ashley found me a bag of old vintage watches for $5, most of the watches were handwind movements, and there were also a bunch of little ladies watches as well...  Here's what Ashley made with those watches:

We were heading down the last aisle and I found this box under a table for 6 bucks:

it was really beat up and below is a picture of the box with some of the parts removed:

It was an old jewelry box with a leather exterior; I wanted to use it as a project to make a watch storage box/watch piece box for... Here are the results of the makeover using some fabric from Michael's:

That was what we did on Monday, it was pretty fun.  To end here's a picture Ashley got of Louie 'winking':

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