I worked on a homemade project today. I have been seeing these really cute pin cushions lately on Etsy or in MiniBazar. Each one I have seen is pretty unique. My grand total for my pin cushion was 75 cents!

Here's how I did it...
I put it all in a glass face lotion container. Then found a cute stitch picture at DI (goodwill). After that I wrapped some stuffing in stretchy fabric almost making a smooth ball. Then covered it with my piece of fabric with the design on top.(You can stitch it on or use a little bit of hot glue on the edges. Then just pop it into the container of your choice.

Jess also surprised me with these beautiful flowers to cheer me up. Daffodils...they are really this yellow! Thanks love!


  1. Asley you are so amazing!!! I love you:)

  2. Thanks Penny, it was fun to make! And Jesse has good taste in flowers :)

  3. aw, it came out so cute! nice job :)

    and yayyy for flowers!


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