Louie's Recovery

Poor little Louie... Jess and I had an interesting week.  On Wednesday we went to Harry Potter 7 for an early showing.  The movie was good and we had a fun time, but when we got home and let Louie inside he was whimpering non-stop.  First we thought that he must have jumped off of something and sprained his leg or something because he just wasn't acting normal.  We tried  taking him to go potty outside and he kept whimpering.  So we decided we'd better make a trip to the vet.

The vet took an x-ray and found that his bladder was clear full (about 5 times its empty size!).  He had a bladder infection and some 'stones' that had formed.  This is bad news for a little doggie like him, because they're impossible to pass...

To make long story short, 3 days and multiple catheters and drugs later we found that they weren't actually 'stones' but crystals that formed from his infection.  These made it so he couldn't go potty.  Strangley enough, this was actually good news compared with the 'stones', because surgery would have been well over $2000 to remove them, and we probably would have had to put our little doggie to sleep, the thought was terrible!

Thankfully, these crystals can be dissolved with a special type of dog food, instead of expensive surgery... thank goodness!

This was seriously the longest week of our lives! We were not very impressed with the doctors and how long it took them to help Louie to start getting better. Now a week later, after taking his antibiotics, and pain medicine for the catheter situation he is finally his happy little self again. (Big sigh of relief!)

We're glad you're here little Louie!


  1. Sorry to hear Louie had a tough week. Glad he's ok and feeling better!

  2. cute blog darling! :)


  3. What a tough little guy. I am so thanful Louie is happy again and you are happy again too:) Pretty scary stuff for such a little guy!

  4. Thanks guys! We are sure happy Louie is doing better too!

  5. oh my gosh poor little baby! it's soooo sad when they're sick :( i'm really glad he's doing better.


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