Lush's Blackberry Bath Bomb- Review

A bath bomb with bergamot, frankincense and berries. The Bergamont is to relieve any tension you might have.  This one in my opinion is literally the best smelling bath bomb I have used! The result is a transparent purple hue. Your skin ends up feeling re-hydrated without being oily. If you want to try the Blackberry Bath Bomb you can find it by clicking here. When it was all dissolved in the water I saw a little paper floating saying...BOOM BOOM!

If you would like to read my review on the Lush "Sex Bomb" click here. This one was more vibrant in color and left a swirly, creamy mousse on top of the water.


  1. Oooooh, I have to try this! Great blow btw! =)

  2. What a pretty color it turns the water! I need to try these.

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  3. Thanks for your sweet comment! Yes I do wear those ballet super thin ankle (but they are lower than the ankle) socks. I bought mine at Target. Or I wear no socks!

    Love your blog!


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