My Valentine

It was a perfect beautiful day to share with my valentine ; those are the coastal mountains on the horizon. There was tons of treats and chocolate to enjoy including a must have piece of Red Velvet cake with buttermilk from my Dad's girlfriend.

I wanted to make a spa night for Jess and I. So I got some fun hand and feet treatments. Also, picked up the new March  Cosmopolitan magazine. At first I thought it was for February, because it was so pretty and pink. Occasionally I will buy this magazine, because it has a lot of great advice for women's health and beauty. In this issue there is even a column on popular blogs out there!

Jesse got me a new pair of Asics running shoes. He noticed my shoes and it turns out he says they weren't real running shoes. He did cross-country in high school and said that he would help me find a new pair. This means these are my first pair of running shoes ever, are you proud of me! haha Now my feet and shins don't hurt anymore which helps a lot, so if you have the same thing that's why...ouch! I just thought I was bad at stretching long enough!

Gosh I wish I would have got a good picture of us; I'll have to work on that this weekend! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. My goodness, that cake and cupcake look so good. And I love the idea of having a spa night. I want to do that for my fiance and I.

  2. tea tree oil for your feet. i need some.

  3. What a beautiful valentine's day sunset!! The cake looks gorgeous...love red velvet!

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  4. 1. that cake looks absolutely heavenly!!
    2. i just adore selena gomez, she is just the cutest!
    3. i am very curious to know which blogs they had in there. in need of some more blogs to become obsessed with :)
    xo TJ

  5. What a cute cake! Your pup is precious.


  6. send a cake my way!

    k. thanks.

  7. those baked goods look delish!


  8. Love the new running shoes Ash!

  9. The flowers, the treats, the pizza and the running shoes(they made a big difference for me too, spa night...I indulged last night thanks to your special package:) You rock Ashley, so much creative talent in everything you do!

  10. You got really cute lil shoes :)

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