One Lovely Blog Award

I'm so excited that Bronson Bloopers was nominated for the "One Lovely Blog Award" by Bethany! I love her blog for her inspiring homemade delicious dishes and desserts. Even for her style and sweet charm! You would love her too, just check out Love the Grows!

7 Random Things:

1.  I normally eat the frosting off a cupcake first, my favorite part!
2. Yesterday I downloaded Instagram for Android and now trying to get the 
hang of it. This app needs directions! haha
3. The luckiest thing we ever found antique hunting was found by Jesse. A vintage 
Tag Heuer watch for 45 bucks. He later got it appraised for $1,000.
4. Trying out "It's A 10" hair products (the hair mask) and I love it. Makes my hair
 really soft! If your lucky you can find a sample at target.
5. I recently joined a book club through  The Dreamy Meadow blog. This month 
we are reading Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen.
6. A few weeks ago I started up an account on My Fitness Pal . com after seeing it
 mentioned in a fellow blog post at Wanderings. It is free and helps you see what
 your calorie intake is each day. It opened my eyes to how I'm really eating. If you open 
an account we can follow each other (my username is ash0012). Don't worry it doesn't show
how much we weigh. I thought the same thing at first haha.
7. We were a little shocked with the season finale of Once Upon A Time and Emma's 
reaction to everything. What did you think?

Now for who takes the cake! Here are some links to blogs that I have
been reading lately that are definitely lovely!

2. Nuk√© @ Girl Lilikoi
6. Deanna @ Delirious Rhapsody
7. The Lovebirds @ The Little Lovebirds

To receive the award after being 
tagged, share 7 random things about yourself
 and nominate seven bloggers!


  1. I loved Water for elephants I thought it was so good!! And I did my fitness pal before I got pregnant, loved it!

  2. You are seriously too sweet! You just made my day!!


  3. Ashley you are inspiring:)

  4. Love this! I'm impressed with your ability to write seven things about yourself. I feel like I'd have to think for-everrr! I hope you win!

  5. This IS lovely :)

    I'm happy to follow back!

    I eat the frosting too first, it's totally the best part :)

  6. Congratulations on the award =] Your blog definitely is lovely =]

    Why oh why did you put that picture of the cake up. looks sooooo yum and now I want cake!!



  7. Oooh you're on Instagram? Let's follow each other: chinkygirlmel
    I normally eat the frosting off the cupcake too, then I realize I shouldn't have and I leave my lovey to finish the rest of the cupcake without the frosting. Hahahahaha. I haven't seen the season finale of Once Upon A Time, but I will be watching it online later. =) Have a happy weekend!

  8. Nice!! And i love that you're in a book club :) I've always wanted to join one but I don't think book clubs are popular in my country. haha. anyway,thank you so much dear! I'm glad you liked my goddess name. at least i'll have one supporter when I'm published in Greek Books. HAHAHAHA :))))


  9. Following you now dear!

    Have a nice day ;)

  10. nice blog! of course I follow you :)

  11. Awe, thanks for the love!! This makes my Monday MUCH better!! You rock!! And you know what? I don't like frosting, so I eat just the cake! ;) And what a find with the watch! WOW!

  12. Thanks so much for awarding me!! Frosting on the cupcake has to be the best part.

    xo erica

  13. I did not know about your blog sweetie! thanks for your coment! would you like to follow eachother? i'm following you now...


  14. Congratulations with
    the award and the tag!

    I also like to eat
    the frosting first of
    the cake c: yum!


  15. congratz on the award dear. WOW that Tag Heuer is a steal on that price, what a treasure find. I use instagram to edit all my blog photos. The app is amazing. Let me know if you need help! Thank u so much for the awards dear. I am truly honored


  16. I absolutely love Shanna too!
    So genuine! And funny.


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