Three Fall Staples In My Closet

It feels like the seasons are changing and the mornings are quite brisk on the way to work! I have started pulling out a few of my fall and winter pieces from storage and trying to rearrange my closet. Then I realized that there are three things I just have to wear this season.

1. A light weight cream color top that can be layered with any fall color such as brown, burnt orange, rust red, sage,deep purple, or maroon. 

2. Warm statement pieces are great to add to any outfit. I prefer a blazer with mid-length sleeves or a sleeve-less vest that you can also layer with other items as fall turns into winter and gets colder.

3. These are the boots that I paired with my dress in my last post. A nice pair of knee or ankle boots in either black or brown (which ever would go with most of your clothes) is great for fall. You can wear them with skinny jeans, leggings, or even get away with wearing your favorite summer dress for a little longer. If you are on a budget I would suggest a faux leather pair like these. I learned the hard way before that it is easier to find a pair that fits right by going to an actual store than buying a pair online...unless you are familiar with their sizing.

All of these items I bought at either a retail discount store or second hand shops... making my fall staples right on budget! What kinds of staples do you feel are a must-have for your fall wardrobe? Tell me about it!


  1. LOVE these pieces, and they go so well together.
    Only just stumbled across your blog and I like what I see!


    jayj x.

  2. It's probably my cognac boots from Steve Madden, leggings and sweaters. Oh and my tan leather bag and scarves!


  3. they really are staples- i wear all of these to death. and i'm right there with you- second hand shops are bursting with those right now! i bought like 5 sweaters from Goodwill for just $20. One thing I'm missing is a jean coat though. The hunt continues...

  4. my deayour choices looks great,
    i'd love to follow each other with bloglovin, kisses from,

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! Oh I love these three staples... I agree! We need these for our fab fall looks. I am so looking forward to wearing my boots! Have a great day.

  6. great staples! i like the boots!


  7. Great post!


  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE that fur vest. I need to get myself one of those for this fall season- I've heard/read they are going to be a huge staple in fall's line up! xo

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  10. I've never tried to pull off a fur vest before, but they are all the rage, and I loovvve those boots!

    xo Rachel


  11. Love fur vest! Fur is like the most must have for the season. Thanks for your comment and so sorry for the delay:(

    little K.

  12. my dear this post is adorable, and you have an amazing blog,
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    kisses from,

  13. Those staples are right on point for fall!

    Following your blog now! Would love a follow back (:


  14. Love your boots dear,you have an amazing blog too. I am your 200 follower¡¡ Hope you check my blog and do the same if you like my style. Kisses from Spain

  15. omg you and your pup are adorable~~~ What a happy adorable family :)



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