A Birthday & A DIY Lib Scrub Project

Last week with Jesse's birthday and Valentine's day right next to each other, we had a pretty fun two little days.  There was lots of NY cheese cake, pizza, chocolate strawberries, and two late movie nights. We also made a stop to one of his favorite stores so he could get some supplies for the custom orders he is working on from his leather business.
I even had some time to fit in a little DIY project for Valentines day. I work with a bunch of girls so I made everyone a little tiny container of winter lip scrub. I was thinking it would also be a great idea for party favors! Use equal parts brown sugar and honey and just a touch of everything else! I found the tiny containers at a craft store named Porter's.


  1. Looks like you were both very busy:) Always fun to see your ideas and pictures.

  2. love your blog!
    new follower! the cheescake looks nice!

    1. Over to visit your blog now! Thanks for following! :)

  3. I love lip scrubs! What a cute idea to put them in little containers!
    www.thepolishedmonkey.com Meg


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