Today's Inspiration

I'm glad to be back and have had some much needed time to transition back into school. I am happy that I finally found my passion for what I would like to get a degree in and have been completely consumed with it of late. I am going towards a Bachelors in Communication with an emphasis in PR and advertising. I wish to start another site as well for my professional portfolio that I would love to share with all of you as I learn from my experiences. Here is a little piece of inspiration in my life right now. Our garden has produced its first fruits and vegetables. I love the pattern of the bowl with the texture of the strawberries and smooth pea pods.


  1. High five to you and your garden!! I want to have one eventually, but just am not in that place yet. Especially in Texas, where it takes actually effort to make things grow (unlike Baltimore, where you basically throw down seeds).

  2. This post makes me happy. So glad you found your passion and your garden is impressive. I can't even keep keep flowers alive!


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