Well things in Rexburg are quite the same! We started school a couple weeks ago and are already missing our summer vacation. Jess and I are taking all online classes, so we don't have to be on campus much this semester, but we sure still see a lot of funny stuff in this town.

I guess this is the Kite's family house...there are stuffed animals sitting on benches all around it.
Need a job?

Some good news is I got a job being a vendor at a consignment store! Good thing too, since everywhere else is not hiring! I now get to share my hobby of making headbands and hair accessories by selling them at Brittany Rae Boutique! It has actually been very fun for me! A customer was even wanting me to make special hair pieces for her wedding! More good news, we have a new baby niece Hailey Claire born August 24th! We are one happy Uncle and  Auntie with three beautiful nieces!

Hope you are all doing good and enjoying the weather before it changes ugly!
Love, the Bronson's

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