Wedding and a Blessing

This last weekend Jess and I went down to Utah for my brother John's wedding and our new baby niece's baby blessing. It was so much fun seeing family and watching the Bride and Groom.
Little Hailey Claire is the cutest tiny thing.
Then right before we were going to head home we ran into Kody and the sister wife #4 from TLC! As we were walking out of the mall I thought they looked familiar! Who would have thought they would be in Provo! We had to run back inside to get a picture with them. They were actually pretty nice!


  1. I love that show Sister wives!! I am seriously addicted to it w/ this strange curiosity!! lol :) I can't believe you guys ran into them!! CRAZY!!! lol :)

  2. So weird. Marianne and I just saw that show the other day. It was good seeing you guys! Love you both.


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