3 Day Weekend

In commemoration of my birthday, or actually, President's Day, there was a 3 day weekend... although the tail end of this weekend was derailed by the flu we still managed to have fun.

On Friday night we were starving and needed some food, we headed on our way to Millhollow for a sandwich (they're really good), but we stopped in on Nicole and Jim to see if they wanted to come with us.  They came with us and we had a photo shoot... turned out the girls were both wearing grey sweaters and the guys were both wearing plaid-ish shirts of similar colors.

Here's our picture of the night:

After the food they came with us to our place to play some Chinese Checkers that Ashley and I got the other night and mentioned in this post.  Ash and I both played Chinese Checkers when we were kids, so it was a little blast from the past.

Here's the way the board was matched up:

After some fierce checkering Jim and I were tied with one piece to go... Ashley was blocking my piece with one of hers and Nicole was blocking on of Jim's pieces with hers... finally the stalemate ended and I came up victorious!  It was fun to play.

Once the flu struck the next couple days we lounged around the house and watched The Office on Netflix (thanks Mom)... I think we completed a whole season!


  1. That is too funny cause I am really into watching the Office on Netflix too! I never watched it before until about a month ago and now I am hooked just like I was with LOST. Thank God for Netflix I don't know what I would do without it:)

  2. I love the office... hahaha. And I'd almost forgotten playing Chinese checkers when we were kids... maybe I should get it, too. :)

  3. Sounds like fun....you better bring the game with next visit. Hope you are feeling better..a vicious bug going around this year. cute couples i might ad


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