Necking. That is neck-wear.

(Jesse came up with the title) hehe!

The weather has been changing like crazy lately.  One day it's pretty nice and the snow is starting to melt, then overnight it snows like a foot!  Apparently Jesse and I both have a "collection" of scarves that we didn't really think about much.  The photos pretty much explain that we both think a lot about necking.  That is neck-wear. Haha!

We took our scarves out of the drawers and off the coat rack for a little photo op!

Here's one for us girls:

And here's one for the guys:

You can tell I'm a California girl because I don't like to wear a big coat {Jesse thinks its funny when I dress 'warm' in regular clothes and just a scarf without a coat, oh, and of course wearing ballet flats when there's a foot of snow}.

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