Birthday Wishes!

To celebrate Jesse's birthday I took him out a day early to the (almost) only sit-down restaurant in town, Apple-bee's. We both wanted to dress in a romantic casual style for the date so I think we both tried on about a dozen outfits to get it right.  We used different bathrooms and bedrooms to get ready so it was kind of fun.

Here we were for the night out!

At Apple-bee's we ran into the people that we sold our apartment contract to.  The food was great and afterwards we snuggled up on the couch!  You get free dessert on your birthday at Apple-bee's and Jesse shared it with me :)  It was a chocolate mousse shooter, yummy!

Me and Jess went to the store earlier in the week and he picked out a dessert for his birthday that he wanted me to make him, it was a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup cake.  I got some really cute tall candles at Pier 1 and they were definitely worth it; I made sure that there were exactly 24 on the cake!

We also had some chocolate chunk peanut butter ice cream with the cake...  I guess you know Jess likes peanut butter cups!

Happy Birthday, love!  Kisses!

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