We know a bargain!

Over the last few weeks Jesse and I have been on the hunt for bargain clothing.  Lately we have been doing a lot of bargain hunting for home decor, but we shifted our focus to some new clothing this past couple of weeks and thought we'd share some of our finds.  Here are two outfits that we've put together, one for me, and one for Jesse...

Mine is up first:  The shoes on the left are from the Gap, they were $2.08 (Jesse calls these my "Pom-Poms").  The tank was also from the Gap and it also cost $2.08 .  The jacket is Juicy Couture, which I got at Downeast for $2.79.  The necklace and pants were also from Downeast and the Joe's Jeans cost $17.50 and the necklace was $2.10.

The total price for this outfit below was $22.39!

Now here's one that we found for Jesse, his has been a bit longer in the making, but most of it came this week.The shirt came from Downeast and is American Eagle, the cost was $5.25.  The scarf came from the Gap and the price was $2.97.  The jeans he got a while back, but they were also from Downeast and cost $24, which you know is a steal for authentic True Religions!  Jesse's good with watches and got a new strap this week, which can help dress it down for a casual look.  Here's where he got it.  (If you switch your watchbands out it's like you have two different watches for different occasions.)

Total outfit price: $32.22 (without the watch strap)

That's a little peek into our closet this week.  We had fun finding these deals, it feels good to not have to pay full price!

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