Salad Ordeal

So we are catching up on the last two days with this post (Monday and Tuesday). On Monday night  we made a recipe for a white sauce/spinach/mushroom pizza... Ashley had the idea for the recipe and we went to Albertson's to get a couple of ingredients (namely spinach and mushrooms). The spinach is another story though...

On our way back from Albertson's with our 'healthy ingredients' I had the great idea of stopping at Papa Murphy's to get a dessert pizza. The crust was stuffed with chocolate, so that pretty much cancelled out our salad style pizza.

Lets see, here is the Spinach Pizza:

And here is the S'mores Dessert Pizza: (this thing must've come straight out of a magazine cover or something)

I could use another one right about now...

We cooked our pizzas and turned on a 'man flick' which we borrowed from Jim and Nicole, my guess is that this was Jim's movie really...  It was The Lost World: Jurassic Park.  It brings me back to the days when I wanted to be a paleontologist.  

That pretty much summed up our evening on Monday.

On Tuesday we started the day conserving water.  We've seen that soap in a local store once.  We wanted to go 'dream shopping'.  That meant that we couldn't stay in Rexburg...  We hopped in the car and headed to Lowe's.

When we got home we got to see our neighbor's newborn baby (she's only 6 days old).  We got her a little pink outfit, because pink is the only color girl babies can wear of course.  Then we came home and for some reason we got a refund on our salad...  I don't know if getting just $2.64 back was worth the psychological damage...

On a positive note we came home (again) and found a new TV show about Chicago that we watched called The Chicago Code.  You can watch it streaming online here.

Hope you don't find any bugs in your salads,

The Bronson's


  1. Holy disgusting! Thats sick, and Jurassic park is most def. Jim's movie!! ha

  2. Yeah, we were grossed out... don't go to Albertson's and get the 2 for 4 dollar salad packs.

    We will return Jim's movie too! Jesse liked it though, haha!


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