Painting is...

Today Ashley and I started a little painting project, or rather, we started finishing a project that we started a while ago... make sense?  A few weeks ago we painted the baseboards and trim in our hallway on our second floor, but we never got around to painting the closet doors and bedroom doors.  So today Ashley woke up and we were both in one of those painting moods.

During the painting process both of our paint rollers broke, so we ended up going to Walmart to get new supplies and then we had the bright idea to get even more paint to do our master bathroom in a new color (the picture there is the room we painted, but this is a before picture, maybe an after picture will come once we're completely finished). The color went on fine, but I don't recommend the brand of blue tape I used...  It did not have a "clean release" as it states, it had some attitude when it came off...  We are still not quite finished because we are doing another color in it as well.  Hopefully soon though!
Now a little rant...
Oh my gosh, Ashley had a class today and the lesson was on  'how to have a date'...  it even had some examples of some brilliant questions you could ask when on a date, such as "where are you from?"... seriously, this was for college credit... It's no wonder 45 percent of college students don't learn anything in college... they're teaching the wrong things.

That took up a large portion of the day, and I'm sure will take up some more down the road.

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  1. You two are so much fun to follow:) We know exactly what you mean about the blue tape..I don't understand how they keep selling it. We well Steve was better with just a steady hand! I love all your awesome finds!


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