Chinese and Mexican

This week I made some yummy Chinese food... we have been craving it because there's not very good Chinese food in Rexburg.  I thought I'd try a packet that we found at the grocery store that was a stir-fry sauce.  It was actually really good... I forgot to take a picture before we ate, but got one before it was all gone.

This sauce was definitely worth the two dollars!  (The mandarin orange packet was not though!)

We stopped by the duck pond this week and fed them some old Dorito's from a old bag in the back seat of the car...  they must have liked them because they ate all the chips.  

Today I went on a girls lunch with my old roomies, Meghan and Jessica.  We had fun chatting in the Mexican Taco Bus.  It was actually really good!  Thanks for the treat Meghan!

BTW, if you go to Apple-bee's don't order the "Crispy Fried Onion Strings" burgers in Rexburg... the onion strings are not crispy, they are like soggy worms. Haha!

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