Fun in the Sun

Hey everyone, Jesse and I recently took a road trip to visit our family in Sacramento (actually Roseville, a close suburb).  It was fun to see my side of the family again and was definitely worth the 12 hour drive to get there and sad to drive the 12 hours back!  It is like spring this time of year so everything was green, and there was a lot of rain!  We got to spend more time outside there than we usually do in Rexburg during winter!  Here are some pictures of our adventures in The Fountains, a fun shopping center in Roseville:

We went to some of our favorite stores while we were there, we went to Z-Gallerie, Anthropologie, West Elm, Nordstrom's, and a bunch of other places we like.  We mostly did window shopping, but it was a lot of fun!  I got a cute summer dress at Anthro and I'm excited to wear it on a date this summer out with Jess!

The pictures below are from where we sat watching this fountain go, set to music; it was so nice to be outside in warm weather again!
We ate at so many good restaurants while we were there.  It was also Jesse's first time at P.F. Chang's, which was one of our favorite places we ate at.  I only took one picture of food while there, and below is Panda Express, I think that's just one of our favorite fast food places, haha!

While we were there we also went to the SPCA (which is an animal shelter) and found this cute little dog named Louie.  We were there on a Saturday and he was 'on hold' to be adopted by someone... lucky for us, that fell through and we actually got to play with him... and we ended up adopting him!  He makes Rexburg so much better... thanks Dad!

Doesn't he look so tiny in this big cage?

Louie is about 6 years old and he just loves to be around people all the time!

This was our first walk with him, look how green it is out there:

He is small!  Only about 6 lbs!

When we left Idaho we went through Utah to see Jesse's grandparents graves.  He hadn't ever been there before and the site was actually just outside of SLC.  Here are some pictures I got that day:

We had a fun couple weeks and can't wait to go back!


  1. Cute dog! How did Louie do around dad's dogs?

  2. i am so glad you got to go to CA, i go crazy just in billings sometimes:) fun pictures,hope to see more


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