Easter Eve

Here is Easter and lots of chics...These tiny things are in bulk at a couple stores in town.

This means the weather should be starting to warm up and maybe the town carrousel will open soon. We took this picture as we were taking Louie for a walk in the park. 

Did I share with you the great find Jesse found me? While at a local good will store he found this cute Louis Vuitton purse. It was sitting on a cart in the store that that hadn't been put out yet. Whether it is real or not, it was only two dollars!  Every girl needs a fun purse right?


  1. they are so CUTE! almost as cute a little louie in your post below hehe

    and agreed.. having a fun purse is definitely a good thing :)

  2. ooh and i forgot, you'd asked about the film my friends made :) it was excellent! i think it will be airing on ESPN soon.. "catching hell" is the name of it- about the "curse" on the Chicago Cubs that's preventing them from winning the world series.. really interesting documentary!


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