$5 Well Spent!

I wanted to share with you how thrifty we are. This last week I went shopping with $5 at a local thrift store called D.I. One man's donation is another man's treasure! Haha! First, I finally found a bedroom clock, it has a nice old fashioned look. Only $3.
I already tested it out and it is kind of soothing to sleep to. 
This vintage glass tray that I now use to hold jewelry. $1

Then the best for last! A black Prada purse for only $1. You would think this would be in the collectibles case with a higher price tag..even for a fake, which honestly I don't know if it is or not (probably is). I guess the guys pricing things don't know what they have! It is in great condition like it has never even been used!

So, that all adds up to $5!  I guess the LV purse I found last week needed some company :)


  1. I wish we lived closer so we could go thrift shopping together. You are SO good at finding great deals.

  2. ooo i love that alarm clock.. and yeah i agree with the previous comment.. you are a great treasure hunter haha

    i'm going to california in june.. can't waiiit :) i think i've been counting down for about a year now haha

    i think "catching hell" is supposed to air on espn.. well, it definitely is, i just don't know when! that stadium is soooo nice.. i'd lovvvee to watch a game there!


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