Summer is here! Had a slice of pizza...

Now I can enjoy wearing some of my favorite outfits! Coach shoes with a pink Coach purse (I found the purse for $2 thrift-ing) ...

Take a look at these fun shades of waxed thread Jesse bought for his watch strap making! I loved how they came all packaged (he found it on etsy). 

Here's another strap Jesse made recently:

Louie is settling in quite well...

And, it wouldn't be summer if we didn't visit the county fair! We saw a good live band while we were there, Todd Morgan and the Emblems; they played mostly cover songs, but it's good to hear live music again!


  1. I am glad you are finding some time to have fun:) Hey Jesse the watchband are really looking great! Sweet Louie...he looks so happy too...he does smile I swear!

  2. I think you love pink as much as I do Ashley:) I hope Jesse is playing some music too!


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