Chicago Dogs and Sand Castles

Another busy long week! I started work Monday and had a rough time getting use to waking up early again. I quickly started feeling a little worn out; so I took some time to relax with Jesse. I enjoyed reading my new Vogue magazine with a cover story of Emma Watson! She has always inspired me and, well, we are the same age. I didn't realize it has been 10 years since the first Harry Potter movie came out. Can't wait for the next one in July! I read every book, but the last one, so this time I can be surprised!

Along with sharing some yummy raspberry cheese pastries from the bakery with my hubby, we also enjoyed some Chicago dogs this week! Jesse has been looking for these everywhere...Gandolfo's, Rosati's, as long as I can remember and finally found them at Sonic! He tells me they are the most authentic that he has had since living in Chicago.  They definitely have a signature taste with sport peppers, celery salt, tomatoes, a pickle,and Chicago style relish. 

On a side note look at this amazing sand castle we saw outside the mall! We noticed a sign that you could pay $10 to help demolish it. Lucky kids!


  1. I remember having a Chicago Dog with Jesse in Chicago..those dogs in the pics look pretty darn good. I am glad you are taking time to play too...everyone should do that and more often:) You are both so much fun to be around!

  2. It would be fun to take a trip there together...maybe next summer.

  3. mmmmmm a chicago dog.. that sounds delicious and i am ssssstarving right now. hehe

    agreed.. the first few weeks of a new job are soooo tiring. i'm sure you'll get used to the early hours and whatnot :)

  4. Brian just tried a Chicago dog yesterday for the first time! Yum!


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