California Christmas

It has been a while since we have been able to enjoy a warm winter. The sky is clear and flowers are still blooming which feels awfully weird after living in Idaho. So we thought that we should try to make it feel a little more like Christmas. Today was full of baking cookies and finishing up some Christmas shopping.
Wishing we could be with all of our family and friends this holiday season, Merry Christmas!


  1. that little motel is the cutest!

  2. it looks like you're doing a great job with the sunny/warm weather christmas season :) it is confusing when there's no snow or chilly weather!

    (thank you for your last comment.. it was very sweet :)

  3. Kendra, I know it's so cute! My dad's girlfriend decorated their house with ocean themed Christmas trees and sometimes Santa flamingos :)

    Thanks Sarah, I meant what I said about your blog! Merry Christmas

  4. you two are so adorable!!! :)

  5. I always love everything you post, your pictures are always such a great expression or you:)

  6. oops of you...talent...you have tons

  7. thanks for the lovely comment! i'm glad that you found my blog and glad that i found yours in return!!!

    i hope that you had a lovely holiday and hope this new year brings everything perfect!!

    hope to see you back around allister bee, soon!



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