This might be Lather Unusual

When my Sister-in-Law came into town last weekend from Seattle, WA she brought a goodie bag of beauty products from Lather Unusual. Lather Unusual is about to become 100% online! She introduced me to three wonderful products to help your skin feel clean and freshened.

The Clay Mask: Comes in a pouch ready to be mixed with water. The package also suggested mixing it with tea or aloe.

After applying it and letting it dry...I read the directions all the way. I was suppose to mix it until there were no clumps. I guess I was too excited to try it and went to fast. It was still amazing and my face started to feel really tight. Any excess can be refrigerated up to two days. Can't wait to indulge in the Trek Bath Salts and Orange Gardenia Camelina handmade soap.

Thanks Liv, they were a rich delight!


  1. I love the look of the soap. I love trying out new face masks, bath salts and soaps etc, I think I prefer it to make up! xo


  2. This looks quite fantastic...there is nothing like a good face mask. I think this is definitely a good color on you! :-) hehe

    Thanks for stoppin' by Color Issue...oh and yeah Katie designed it just for Color Issue...isn't that simply amazing! sending ya some luck for the giveaway ;-)



  3. Thanks Sarah and Aarean! I just added the bar of soap to my collection that I keep in a jar in the bathroom. It smells so good!


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