Lush's Bath "Sex Bomb" - Review

Have you ever gone to Lush Cosmetics and realized how extremely hard it is to pick one of the many luscious  smelling bath bombs? My husband treated me to one for my birthday, the sex bomb! haha Yes, it might even be better than chocolate! If you love taking baths more than showers like me, then you should try one!

I just filled the bath tub all the way and then dropped it in. It dissolves very quickly and with this one, the flower comes off and floats around for a bit. You are surrounded by swirly mousse soap and amazing hints of jasmine. Then the best part of all, a pink bath! Go ahead, try it!

This product definitely receives 5 STARS from me!


  1. what?! i'm not a big bath person but this looks incredible! i might just have to get me one of these!
    xo TJ

  2. What?! I have never heard of this! Def going to give this a whirl! Thanks for stopping by "A Lost Feather" today! Let me know if you try those missing marshmallows :)

  3. I got a Lush bath ball from one of my bridesmaids for the night before my wedding to help me relax. It was amazing! I don't remember what scent it was but it smelled so good!


  4. Thanks for the comments! I haven't blogged in a while, but I still read them everyday! :)

  5. I love Lush! I first discovered in Chicago. I love to put the empty sacks in my dresser drawers..mmmm smells so good.

  6. Penny, that is a great idea! Now I wish I would have saved my bag. :)


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