Odds n' Ends

Been out of the blogging world for a little bit...that is what happens when you practically live in the boon docks!  And then we have to entertain ourselves. This is what we did this past couple days.

Louie was introduced to the ducks at the park...when we let him out of the car the ducks were scared of all six pounds of him.

Had a few picnics in our living room this week watching movies, eating, and playing games.

Have any of you ever played this game? We found it at Goodwill and I think it is from the mid 90's. Speaking of goodwill I must keep finding the Jackpot on purses. Another Louis Vuitton purse, spotted by Jess. 
It was $2

The highlight of my week besides spending time with  my husband was the surprise he had sent me. It's been in the mail for two weeks all the way from Hong Kong...A Blythe Doll. Seriously girls, your gonna want one of these cute dolls. Just read about them here

They aren't the normal dolls you see everyday (they are 11 inches tall and their eyes change colors) and trust me they are for grown-ups. They are more for taking pictures with and sharing their cute faces. 

Here's what Jesse has been doing lately, he's gotten into making leather watch straps, kind of as a business, this is one that he just made today.  It's supposed to look vintage!


  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog!

    A Louis Vuitton bag for 2$?? I need to take a trip to goodwill. :)

  2. picnics in the living room are so funnn :)

    the watch strap looks great!

    ah and i want your dog. he is so cute. every time i see him i just melt of adorableness haha

  3. oh oops i forgot!... yeah, instagram is only for iphone :/ boo! i wish they had an app for computer software as well.. i think it would be a big hit!

  4. Thanks for the comments girls! Yes our goodwill here is crazy what you will find because you would never expect it!

    And we are loving having Louie too. I think we have had him for a month now. Yesterday we brushed his doggy teeth for the first time and man it's hard! haha

  5. ah i keep commenting as my husband haha sorry, I'm still learning about blogger and must have messed with something

  6. hey jess you are showing some talent there...maybe you and ash can start selling hair pieces and watchbands...down the road..

  7. i love Blythe dolls! i've always wanted to start a collection, but they can get so pricey sometimes!!

    ~Andrea @ http://hecallsmewifey.blogspot.com/


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