Carmel Popcorn

Here is what we did this week...its been pretty cold and rainy, so we had to find some things to do inside. This is us eating caramel popcorn on a walk through the mall. Why does food always smell so much better in the mall?

Looking at antiques...

Thai food...yummy curry!

Saw Louie sleeping with a smile! 

Here he is in his raincoat...


  1. I love seeing your pics...you ALL look so happy:)

  2. Mmm Thai food. Boo has a raincoat too! It's yellow with a little hood haha.. He hates it. But he hates rain more.

    The flat iron building is my favorite! Probably because it's so weird! And yes there are offices and things inside! I've always wanted to go in to see how narrow it actually is inside.. Probably not as narrow as it looks from the outside I bet

  3. Aw I bet boo is cute with it on! I also wonder what it looks like inside! It would be cool to work there and be able to say you work in the flat iron building!


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