Swizzle Sticks and Pirates

Another week and this one felt long. I was pretty excited to find some new pieces for one of our collections. They are swizzle sticks. We started collecting them last year after seeing them in Martha Stewart's magazine. The more variety you have the funner it is and you can use them for almost anything...you just have to get creative. These are the new ones for our collection, I placed them on top of the ones they reminded me of in the magazine we found. If you want to read the piece click on the second picture to make it larger.

Some fun things we did this week.  

Saw the new Pirates! The trailer is below:

Then later in the week we went to Fast Friday's Speedway in Auburn. Auburn is a town in the foothills that has a lot of little shops and charm. It even used to be the capital of California. Well, on summer Friday nights they have a Speedway. This time they also brought out the side cars below. 

Hope you had a good week too! 


  1. Ash and Jesse...I love you:) I love your collection! Hang in there..you have each other.

  2. ahhh i used to have a giant collection of swizzle sticks when i was little (i always ordered a shirley temple with a cherry :) and i would take my dad's from his drink hehe.. my mom threw them out when we moved.. RUDE!


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