Goodbye Rexburg

If you haven't heard, we moved to California. It's no secret we hated living in Rexburg, haha! We spent three years there (in a town with a two mile radius) and it just never quite worked out... figures.

Anyway, we decided to transfer to a college in Cali; that also happens to be close to some family...plus there are a lot more jobs out here! Here we are, ready to go...notice the New York licences plate on the trailer ...how did that get out to Idaho?

We were really lucky to have Jesse's family come help us get packed. We took a break and went to lunch at Big Judd's. The Big Judd's in Boise was on the food network show because they have a six pound burger eating contest. It looked like Rexburg had a few contestants of their own!

Wanted to try the 'How Lovable Are You' game. Jesse's hand read 'Naughty but Nice'.  I was 'Passionate'. Sounds like a good combination to me!
We saw some really pretty skies, amber sunsets, and a few rainbows for good luck. 

Louie has already started making new friends and we are pretty proud of him!

We got here and made a cheers with some Chocolate and Key Lime Cream soda!

 And as someone once told us...good luck with whatever your doing and wherever you're going! 


  1. yay california! :)

    one of my favorite things to do is pick up a rental car on one side of the country and drop it off on the other haha.. well, that's not exactly my favorite thing to do- i love driving cross country.. so i just happen to leave NY cars in CA and OR cars in WY!

    woah.. key lime creme soda? that sounds amazing

  2. I wish I could move to California. That would be a dream come true.
    I wish you the best of luck for your time in Cali!! :)

    And I love the sky pictures! Amazing!

  3. We are sooo excited for you and those burgers..they were good:)

  4. Thanks, you three are the best commenters!


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